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Stop Competing and Start Celebrating: How to Overcome Envy and Achieve Your Goals

"High tide raises all ships." I didn't always feel that way. Instead, I felt envious and discouraged when others succeeded. NOW - I'm different. This belief that we all rise together is embedded into the core of my being. When I see a friend, colleague or competitor WIN - I feel energized and inspired. I'm […]

Don't 'Lose' an Hour of Sleep - Bank it for Fall: How to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time with a Shift in Perspective

What if you didn't 'lose' an hour, but simply 'banked' it for the fall. Language can make a big difference in our stress levels. How we perceive challenges in life - even for the simple ones - is influenced by the words we choose and the complaints we articulate. Apparently Day Light Savings time is […]
March 10, 2023

Post-Surgical PAIN and Having to Work/ Job Hunt

Here's my advice to Jennifer about how to Cope with Post Surgical Pain while Having to Work or Look for a Job.   Speech Transcript (little to no editing so not exact)   Hi, Jennifer, Allison here, obviously, I'm on video, I wanted to do this video for you because, first of all, thanks for […]

Breaking the Gender Disparity in Professional Speaking: Celebrating Female Speakers All Year Long

"Allison, it's because you're a woman," he said. "What? You've got to be kidding me - that's the reason I'm not getting paid as much and as often to speak? Gender is an issue in 2015?" The man who said that was a well-regarded, grand-daddy of the professional speaking industry. He explained that men are […]

Challenge Yourself: Stop Judging Others and Yourself for 24 Hours and Feel the Freedom!

💪 Would you accept this challenge? 💪 STOP judging others and yourself for 24 hours. Seriously... ❌ Give up harshly judging other people for 24 hours. ❌ For those same 24 hours live as if no one is judging you. ❌ Even challenge yourself to stop judging YOU. Would life feel different? Better? Would your […]

Unlocking the Mind of a Futurist: How Nikolas Badminton Helps Us Prepare For What's Ahead

This isn't a book I would typically read. In fact, if it wasn't for me knowing Nikolas Badminton I never would have ordered it - but - wow, am I ever glad I have my copy. My mind is expanded. So many times I read books that reiterate what I already know in different ways […]

Finding Balance: How to Manage You Workload Without Sacrificing Your Happiness

Guilt is the enemy of peace and productivity. ☮️🧾 In my group and private coaching calls yesterday GUILT was a popular topic among both MEN AND WOMEN! (No, feeling guilty about work is not a female issue - top male executives feel it too.) "I feel like I'm never doing enough work, it never stops." […]

Breaking the Cycle of Burnout: How Personal Capacity Design Can Save Your Team

Forget quiet quitting and the great resignation - those were so 2022. Here's my prediction for 2023's biggest trend in leadership and the future of work... ⭐️Personal capacity design.⭐️ Personal capacity references the emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual resources available to you each day. For the most part this is left to chance as […]

Woo-Woo to Reality: How to Manifest Opportunities and Live Your Purpose

The idea of manifesting opportunities can be a bit woo-woo for some. I believe that if you live your purpose opportunities will present themselves. Today: I have the privilege of sharing a small part of my message on Breakfast Television! Tune in to hear some very simple ways we can reset our relationship with stress […]
February 21, 2023

Accountants: Stop the Stress of the Tax Season: It’s Not Too Late!

Accountants: Are you dreading the stress of the tax season? Here are 7 ways to stop the feeling so stressed about your workload. A note for managing partners and other accounting professionals who need to balance bottom-line results with mental health and well-being. My Uncle Malcolm was a tax accountant. As a kid I knew […]

Sometimes Procrastination is Worth it - The Power of Nature

What’s the best reason you can muster to delay working? (‘er procrastinate.) For the last several minutes I’ve intended to open my laptop (which is aptly on my lap) but instead I’ve just had a gaze fest with this little guy. No matter how much I love writing and how many deadlines there are - […]
January 25, 2023

The Mental Health Crisis for Lawyers

Do you know a lawyer? If so, you may want to check on them and their mental health. As I prepped for a speech for a law firm yesterday, I visited the Canadian Bar Association's website. There, I found the statistics on the state of mental health. Lawyers have the highest rate of burnout among […]
January 23, 2023

What If Stress Is Not The Problem that Needs Solving...Personal Capacity Is

“Allison, I need space. Space to think; to remember who I am away from the grind. Space to stop feeling so stressed.” It wasn’t the first time a coaching client described their situation to me like this, but there was a desperation in his eyes. I knew he was done; officially burned out. Even though […]

Discovering the Epic Humans That Make Up My New Speaking Network: A Reflection on Joining the Speakers Group Impact 11

For my colleagues who work on their own: let's admit it, being a speaker / consultant can be a lonely endeavour, eh?! If you're fortunate, you create a few connections with your peers to carry each other through the tough times and join the celebration in the best times. I'll admit, I've been incredibly blessed […]
December 21, 2022

Do You Feel Emotionally Low This Holiday? It's not just you...

This is a nostalgic time of year. It can be a time of great joy, celebration, and connection. I hope it is for you! AND it can also be a time of great sorrow and loneliness. It’s especially tough for those who have lost loved ones, have strained family relationships, or are struggling in other […]
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