Don’t Wait for Retirement to Be Less Stressed!

“When I retire, then I’ll be less stressed.”

Hearing this phrase breaks my heart.

It begs a series of powerful self-discovery questions:

What if that’s true?

What if you need to quit your job or retire before you feel more ease in your life?

Are you willing to wait for retirement to be happier?


Isn’t that a recipe for regretting the next decade(s) of your life?

I challenge you with these questions today because if you’re not happy with your stress levels right now, I want you to know there is HOPE!

It’s easier than you think to reset your relationship with stress, but it won’t happen until you decide to do so.  

A fresh approach to stress will unlock more ease in your life, and you don’t have to quit a successful career to do it!

Honestly, most people are so used to dealing with their stress they don’t even recognize it’s a problem that impacts their quality of life.

Especially the people – like you – who read my messages.

You’re here because you already have a growth mindset.

Unfortunately, there are many people around you who do not.

Statistically stress is problematic for most people.

Check out this February 2024 headline from Fortune Magazine:

About 82% of employees are at risk of burnout this year—but only half of employers design work with well-being in mind.

How is that OKAY?

Think about it.

If you’re in a meeting with 10 people today, look around the room because statistically eight of them are feeling like a cloud is overshadowing their workdays.

I remember what it felt like to burn out.

It was not pleasant. It impacted every part of my life.

If you’ve been there then you know how burnout feels.

For me, it took hitting the burnout brick wall before I declared, “ENOUGH. I’m going to fix this.”

I challenge you to pause for a few moments today to unpack your relationship with stress.

It’s easy. Just ask questions like:

Where are you and the people around you on the stress spectrum?

If you keep going about your days in the same way, are you at risk of burning out?

Are you okay with your stress response repeating until you retire or is it time for a meaningful solution?

If you are concerned about yourself or someone in your life who is feeling extra anxious and stressed lately – please know, it’s possible to reset your relationship with stress.

The hardest part is actually standing up and saying “ENOUGH – it’s time to fix this.”

Without that decision – nothing will change. 

Allison “Reset Your Relationship with Stress” Graham

P.S. If there’s someone in your life or on your team who is frustrated with their stress levels and at risk of burning out, is it time to gift them some coaching with me or one of my online courses? Reply to ask me about the options.

Crunch Time Turnaround [Online Course] Success Story…

One of my VIP coaching clients bought the Crunch Time Turnaround course for her employees. Her priority was gifting the system to one specific team member who was struggling with burnout and talking about going on stress leave.

After completing the course, that team member seems like a new person! She’s more confident when the pressure is on and getting her work done in less time.

Plus, her fresh approach has positively impacted the whole team dynamics. They have a common language to identify issues and find fast solutions when challenges arise.

Hearing that story yesterday reminded me how powerful a process this can be.

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