Coping Fatigue CHCH Interview: Allison Graham and Bob Cowan

Here’s my conversation with Bob Cowan about the topic of Coping Fatigue: the way I describe exhaustion from continually having to be resilient. 


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Tired of COVID-19? Here are 5 ways to overcome fatigue

By Laura Brody -January 27, 2022, 6:15

The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on a lot of people, leading to significant mental health risks.

Allison Graham, author of Take Back Your Weekends: Stress Less. Do More. Be Happier, joined Bob Cowan on Morning Live to share five ways to overcome coping fatigue.about:blank

Only Cope With Issues That Actually Matter

The first strategy for combating coping fatigue is to be laser-focused on your priorities.

“We want to get compassionately curious with ourselves to figure out what might we be doing that is making life harder to deal with,” said Graham, who is also a business consultant and speaker.

Ditch Habits That Contribute to Coping Fatigue

Another way to conquer fatigue is to break bad habits such as complaining, procrastinating, judging and worrying.

“They can just suck the day right out of you,” she said. “We only have so much capacity to do, to think, to feel and to be each and every day. We want to be very thoughtful about how we use that energy.”

Deal With Each Issue Independently

Graham also recommended avoiding allowing frustration of one issue to bleed into another issue.

For example, your boss upset you at work and then you go home to a child asking for a snack. You then suddenly snap at your kid even though you were not mad at them but rather your boss.

“We want to unpack that and not let that accumulate,” she said.

Set Boundaries

Only committing to things that are in your best interest is another way to overcome coping fatigue.

“If you need to say no, say no respectfully,” Graham said. “But really looking at what’s going to drive your day and what you need to take care of yourself because coping fatigue is a precursor to burnout.”

Accept What You Cannot Control

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, Graham recommended writing a list of what is causing you stress.

“The next thing you want to do is ask ‘what about this is in my control and out of my control?’” she said.

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