How To Help Someone Else Be Less Stressed

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I’ve been asked the same question twice in the last week.

First, during a keynote. Second, during a workshop.

I was asked:

“How can I help someone else be less stressed?”

The short answer is: you can’t.

The longer answer is: yes, you can, but there’s a catch.

I absolutely believe that people can transform their stress levels. I’ve done it for myself and my clients have done it, too.

While I’d like to take credit for their transformations, I can’t.

Yes, I recognize that I have powerful tools that help, and that I have a knack for offering a fresh perspective. Those are important factors.

BUT – there’s a more powerful reason that I can help my clients get results and feel less stressed.  It’s because each client has decided that they WANT to be less stressed.

They are DONE with feeling a lack of control over their life, being pulled in a million directions, and being too exhausted to fix it.

Until someone makes the decision to seek an alternative path, you can’t help them.

Creating a life that optimizes your performance, productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment happens by design, not by accident.

That’s why it’s hard to help people who aren’t ready to be helped.

There are many reasons why people live their life overly stressed.

  • * They thrive on drama. (Potentially to distract from their real issues.)
  • * They may not realize there’s a better, more grounded way to live life, so they aren’t looking for a solution.
  • * They may believe that if they lose their stress, they will lose their edge and diminish their success.
  • * They may be clueless that their high stress is negatively impacting their career, relationships, and overall health.

You can’t force a solution on someone who is not seeking a solution. Your advice – no matter how brilliant it is – will be rejected.

If you really care about a person and you want to help them lower their stress levels, then model the desired behaviour. Show them that there IS a better way to live.

You can always use the Rapid-Fire Resilience Rundown to de-escalate specific situations – but to help them improve the overall quality of their life, that is their decision to make.

Until they make it, your hands are tied – but you can make the decision for yourself and optimize your life!

Allison “De-Stressing Success” Graham

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