Breaking the Gender Gap in Professional Speaking:

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Allison Graham

We should be celebrating female speakers all year long not just on International Women’s Day

“Allison, it’s because you’re a woman,” he said.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding me – that’s the reason I’m not getting paid as much and as often to speak? Gender is an issue in 2015?”

The man who said that was a well-regarded, grand-daddy of the professional speaking industry. He explained that men are perceived as being more credible and confident on stage and their deeper voice makes men preferable to listen to.

[I’m calling bullsh*t]

Fast forward to 2019 and I received a phone call from the executive director of a large, public-facing organization.

“Allison, we’d love to have you speak at our event!”

“Wonderful! For that sized audience in that location, my speaking fee is $xx,000 plus travel.”

“I apologize, I know you’re a professional speaker, but we don’t have a budget to pay you any more than a small honorarium.”

“Ah, that’s too bad. I’m surprised [male-speaker-name] is working for free. That’s not typical.”

“Oh, he’s not. We paid him full fee. When we printed the agenda the committee realized we don’t have a woman on the agenda so I need to have someone wave the female flag for us. It’s just to be politically correct, and there’s no budget for that.”

I declined. Another woman said yes.

These are two stories – of way too many – that I’ve experienced as a professional speaker.

I’m not sure if it’s about negotiation, acceptance, or systemic in this sort of a situation – I don’t know what the discrepancies are between male / female divide when it comes to speaking in 2023 – I know my fees and I hold firm!

I truly believe that we are rounding a corner. Some of the most booked and talented, well-respected speakers on the circuit are WOMEN!!

The needle has moved – and there’s a long way to go – but let’s not forget there is still a disparity across most industries.

I believe a high tide raises all ships! That’s why I continue to celebrate and encourage incredible female speakers I’ve been privileged to know – all year long – not just on IWD!

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