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Elevate Seminars and Strategic Development Inc.
305-611 Wonderland Rd. N., London, ON, CANADA

Collection of Information
The only information that is collected on this website is through voluntary opt-in forms and product purchases. Your information is never shared or sold. You can also rest easy, because the technologies I’ve chosen to manage online communications have the highest, trusted security available online, so that also helps with having a strong privacy policy. Tracking pixels are embedded into the site.

I stand behind my messages and share from my personal point of view and experience. When it comes to a person’s personal and professional development, there are no guarantees. It is your personal responsibility to interpret my content and choose what, if anything, fits best for your circumstances. I recognize that ideas that work for me or another client, may not be the right answer for you. I encourage you to look at my messages and apply the content to your own circumstances in the best way to serve your journey.  In no way are the company or me personal liable for your outcome. 

I do not offer medical advice. If you are in crisis or require mental health support, please seek appropriate professional supports.

Refund Policy
Each product or service comes with its own terms and conditions. Please review the purchase page for refund policies associated with each product.

Company Branding
You may notice there are old brand logos and old URLs throughout my online presence. My company has gone through several marketing iterations over the years. Instead of getting caught up in logo details, some of my online programs or past demo videos still reflect older branding. Please disregard.

Copyright Info
All content is copyright protected and belongs to Elevate Seminars and Strategic Development Inc. You are not permitted to copy or publish any of my materials without prior written consent. Links and proper attribution are required.