Part 1: How to manage toxic workplace culture and create harmony in the workplace

Do you know someone stuck in a toxic work environment?

You know the kind. 

It’s the workplace that is overly stressed because of behaviours like: 

  • backstabbing
  • box-checking
  • micro-managing
  • bullying
  • territory-marking

Even if you work on your own, you’ve likely seen these issues creep into volunteer groups. 

Toxicity can happen in any situation that involves human dynamics. I figure it’s a 50/50 chance that an organization faces some of these issues. 

Heck, Hollywood has even made movies about toxic PTAs! 

(If you can relate, please read the PS and email me as I believe I have a solution to remove toxicity from the workplace and inspire a harmonious, high-performing culture when the pressure won’t stop!)

  • Receiving negative vibes is damaging for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Participating in negative vibes tanks your quality of life.
  • Leading an organization where these negative vibes are established is overwhelming.

Leaders know it’s their responsibility to stop the spiral of negativity, but it can feel insurmountable.

Yesterday, I published an article in response to Paul Kane’s Washington Post Article titled, “The Great Resignation” is hitting the US congress.

If politicians can’t handle “politics” at work – how are non-political people supposed to deal with it?

No one wants to be miserable at work.  

Why then, are so many company cultures caught sliding downhill into the pits of misery? 

I share insights on this topic in my article “The (Harsh) Truth for Leaders to Fix Toxic Workplaces”

I don’t want to repeat those ideas in today’s Lift Up email to you, but here’s what I do want to say: 

If you’re in a situation that feels miserable, there is HOPE!! You CAN protect your body, mind and soul.

Obviously, designing your life so that you are no longer exposed to an unhealthy workplace is ideal.

  • Sometimes, leaving is feasible. 
  • Most of the time, leaving is not realistic.

Since human dynamics are involved, toxicity can happen anywhere – to the best-intentioned people! Therefore, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself. 

If you’re leading a culture that needs a massive reset or are concerned that negativity is rising, please, know this: 

  • It’s not one person’s fault. 
  • Negativity starts small and spreads.
  • A busy leader turns a blind eye to a red flag here.
  • Ignores another red flag there.
  • Next thing you know, a team that was once optimistic is uncharacteristically pessimistic.
  • People quit or go on stress leaves.
  • Those left behind feel more pressure.
  • Resentment builds.
  • Toxicity intensifies.
  • It feels overwhelming.
  • And the cycle repeats.

Over the last few months, I’ve been further developing my resiliency concepts and tweaking my approach to teaching them. 

Based on the results, I’m even more convinced of the power my models have to transform a team’s culture. 

Over the next 90 days, I want to build more case studies for my upcoming book. I want to test my method to confirm what it takes to inspire an engaged, harmonious workplace that performs at its best during crunch times.  

So … if you are a leader with a positive culture that you want to maintain, or are struggling with growing negativity among your team, or know a leader who is) – please respond to this email so we can set up a confidential call.

Allison “Inspiring Harmonious Workplaces” Graham

P.S. If you are responsible for ensuring a harmonious, high-performing workplace culture, then let’s talk! I’m looking for 10 new clients who want me to work with their teams over the next 90 days.

I’d like to find a balance of workplaces. Some with negative behaviours activated and others with positive cultures they want to protect. The experience will be confidential, and the results will help shape the future of the workplace!

email me to discuss.

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