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I’d love to show you and your team how to elevate performance and productivity without sacrificing mental and emotional well-being.

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I invite you to revisit the approach you and your organization are taking to deal with stress!

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By the time you have to manage stress, it’s already done its damage.

There is no doubt, there are a lot of challenges in life – but most destructive stress is self-generated and steals precious resources.

With stronger self-leadership and a systematic approach to problem-solving you can redesign your relationship with stress to create more mental and emotional space in your days so that you can focus on what matters most to you – at home and at work.

Let’s start with a conversation.

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"Allison Graham's model is simple, yet profound."

Dr. Chandlee Dickey, Chair/Chief

Department of Psychiatry
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

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Tips to Handle Stress Better

the Stress Illusion explained

I offer a proven alternative to traditional stress-management advice so leaders can do even more, while stressing less, and be happier while they do it!

As collective stress levels continue to rise and the burnout crisis makes headlines, it’s clear that mainstream stress-management advice is failing us. Most successful professionals know what they are ‘supposed’ to do to lower stress – and yet, despite their best efforts – they remain overwhelmingly stressed.

After spending 17 years studying mainstream personal and professional development advice and navigating my own burnout and chronic pain journey, I’ve noticed several themes that contribute to society’s over-stressed culture.

The combination of these misguided assumptions about stress, what causes it, how it’s measured, and how we’re supposed to deal with it, are what I call The Stress Illusion.

To be clear the IMPACT of stress is NOT an illusion. It is very real. Destructive stress causes burnout, and feels overwhelming. Stress negatively impacts health, attitudes, performance, company culture and family relationships. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about showing people how to stop feeling destructive stress, harness the benefits of empowering stress, and better ride waves of inevitable survival stress

My belief is that rather than focusing on managing stress it’s better to stop creating so much of it. 

During my speeches, fireside chats, and training / coaching programs, I challenge the status quo and take you on a journey to break free from the destructive stress cycle.

My proven approach shows professionals how to optimize their work outputs without suffocating on the stress of the daily grind and without compromising their mental, emotional, and physical health.

My clients feel a greater sense of control over their life, eliminate unnecessary angst from their workdays, and feel reinvigorated to do the work they once loved, but had started to resent.

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“Allison Graham goes to the heart of leading and engaging team members to unlock their potential in challenging times.”

Don Ludlow, Regional Vice-President
RBC Commercial Markets

“Allison Graham goes to the heart of leading and engaging team members to unlock their potential in challenging times.”

Chirag Shah, Managing Partner
PwC Southwestern Ontario

"Allison’s keynotes offered inspiration and results that lasted long after her speech was done.

For example, one of the many stories of impact included, after hearing Allison speak, a leader on my team self-identified as being caught in the victim trap, recognized her tendency to complain too much, took responsibility for her negative contribution to team dynamics and committed to practicing Allison’s formula."

Sébastien Fauvel, MBA,
Hiring, Onboarding & Engagement
BMO Financial Group

“Unique and engaging. Allison’s thought-provoking concepts will inspire your audience.”

Tammy Morrison, Chair
Convene Canada
Association of Healthcare Philanthropy

"Allison was a breath of fresh air and a kick start after a long and strange, forced social hibernation. She helped our professional women’s group create an event that perfectly balanced education and inspiration!

Allison is an engaging, authentic and insightful speaker. Everyone in the room was energized and motivated to implement her strategies and keep the momentum going long after the event. We all can’t wait to work with Allison again!"

Sabrina Lombardi, Partner
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP

"Through her story, Allison shared powerful messages that resonated with our audience.
She’s charismatic, authentic, funny, and has a very powerful message with a fresh perspective. She’s easy to work with and our audience loved her!
I would highly recommend hiring her for your next event."

Jocelyn Still
CIBC Private Banking

"Allison is a dynamic speaker who provides practical advice. Feedback from the Loyalty One / Air Miles Leadership event was extremely positive and associates put newfound skills to work!

Allison is the ultimate professional."

Debbie Baxter
Air Miles | Loyalty One

"Allison, I’ve been telling them for years, but you gave a 75-minute keynote and they finally get it. Six months later and they are still quoting you.”

Tom Jesty, Regional Vice-President
Scotiabank Commercial Bank

"Allison’s message is engaging, thought-provoking and behaviour changing. Delivered with humour and informed by lived experience, her keynote was the highlight of our conference. Attendees left energized and ready to return to their workplace with a renewed purpose and hope. Thank you, Allison for this boost of inspiration!

As the moderator of our panel discussion, Allison crafted open-ended questions and broad topics to spark meaningful conversation. She instilled trust and confidence in the panelists which resulted in a compelling session with key take-aways. Count on Allison to do the research and preparation necessary to bring out the best in any panel!"

Darren Denomme, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Cemetary and Funeral Professionals (OACFP)


Discover the Intersection Between
Elevated Business Metrics & Optimized Well-Being

From the boardroom to the big stage - choosing to work with me should be the easist part of your event planning and professional development initiatives. Expect a professional, stress-free experience. I look foward to serving you, your colleagues and your team to stop the destructive stress cycle, solve problems faster, and create mental and emotional space to focus on priorities.

To work together, simply email me and we can arrange an initial conversation.

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A Little About me, allison graham
speaker, consultant, author, course creator

What Drives Me To Do What I Do

  • My Vibe

    My clients describe me as 'tough love wrapped in an empathetic hug.' I consider myself a pragmatic optimistic. On stage I'm conversational.

  • My Talent

    Seeing patterns in behaviour. Helping others simplify the complex, focus on their priorities and confidently achieve their goals.

  • My Greatest Reward

    Being a part of someone else's success story. Seeing clients get out of their own way and step into their full brilliance makes my heart sing.

  • My Obsession

    I've spent thousands of hours reading, researching, interviewing experts and medical professionals, and challenging the status quo of development advice. I've pulled the best of the best and left the rest to create my own systems that I share with clients.

  • My Fave Audience

    I love working with people who love their work, but want more peace-of-mind. They are already doing the self-development work and are ready for a deep, vulnerable conversation and eager to implement solutions.

  • My Burnout Story

    In 2009, I was told by my neurologist to go on disability. Fear drove me to find a way to lower my stress so I could focus on building my biz even with post-surgical nerve pain. Thanks to my methods, I'm still working - even with the nerve pain!

a picture of allison graham leaning against a grey wall wearing a blue striped cardigan, white jeans and a white top. she is smiling and her hair is wavy

P.S. I'm Still Evolving

Every day I apply my concepts and other strategies that I've learned over the years. The old line: your mess is your message applies to me, too.

When my destructive stress rises, everything gets harder - my focus suffers, my vibe wains, and my neuropathic pain intensifies. Personal development is not a straight line. My family often reminds me to take my own advice - and I do...and it works.