Elevate Your Motivation and Optimism by Creating Mental and Emotional Freedom at Work!
Using my frameworks, break free from suffocating stress and end burnout while at the same time elevating performance, productivity, profitability and personal fulfillment.  

Optimize Your

Personal Capacity Equation
Redesign Your Relationship with
Stress, Create Space and
Love Your Work and Life Again!
Optimize your
Personal Capacity Equation
Redesign Your Relationship with
Stress, Create Space and
Love Your Work and Life Again!
Optimize Your
Personal Capacity Equation
Redesign Your Relationship
with Stress, Create Space and
 Love Your Work and Life Again!

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It's time for a fresh conversation about how to 
Effectively navigate stress!

By redesigning your relationship with stress and better allocating limited resources to DO, THINK, FEEL and BE each day, you can eliminate drama at work, streamline workflows, and get more done in less time and with less angst.

My easy-to-apply Problem-Solving Framework, Stress Redesign Model, and Personal Capacity Equation have proven to free up mental, emotional, and physical space, allowing you to focus on what truly matters both at work and at home. My message inspires and empowers professionals to minimize repeating moments of angst so that they can spend more time in their optimized zone of performance, productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment.

"Allison Graham's model is simple, yet profound."
Dr. Chandlee Dickey, Chair/Chief
Department of Psychiatry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Explore working together


I inspire and empower purposeful personal capacity design and enhanced problem-solving, leading to improved resilience, optimized performance, increased productivity, and more time for personal fulfillment.

My programs have consistently helped professionals feel less anxious about constant change, a greater sense of peace when they have too much on their plate and more confidence to take guilt-free time off so they can recharge to do their best work. 

This reduces burnout, which improves talent retention, minimizes stress leaves, and skyrockets workplace satisfaction scores. My flagship training program has even stopped inner-office politics, broken down silos and cliques!

Driven by my belief that most repeating angst can be eliminated, I share my signature concepts with audiences of highly-accomplished, forward-thinking professionals who juggle multiple priorities.


It's the same message delivered in different ways and customized to serve each audience.

Fire-side chats with executive teams
leadership retreats and professional development days
training programs (single workshops to my full flagship program)
1-on-1 or group coaching 
books and online courses 
an extensive library of free resources


lots of conflicting priorities on their plate
autonomy to design their workday
a commitment to personal and professional development

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Tips to Better Handle Stress

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“Allison Graham goes to the heart of leading and
engaging team members to unlock their
potential in challenging times.”
Don Ludlow, Regional Vice-President
RBC Commercial Markets

“Topical, relevant and impactful.”
Chirag Shah, Managing Partner, PwC Southwestern Ontario

Some of My Clients

Proudly Serving Exceptional Organizations Like These

"Allison’s keynotes offered inspiration and results that lasted long after her speech was done. For example, one of the many stories of impact included, after hearing Allison speak, a leader on my team self-identified as being caught in the victim trap, recognized her tendency to complain too much, took responsibility for her negative contribution to team dynamics and committed to practicing Allison’s formula."
Sébastien Fauvel, MBA, Hiring, Onboarding & Engagement
BMO Financial Group

The Impact of the Status Quo on Stress

As a Leader, Have You Considered...

That you may be handling your stress quite well and be okay with the constant sacrifice, but do your team members and colleagues feel the same? Are they facing burnout, at risk of going on stress leave, or are they just going through the motions of work wasting a lot of their potential?

I'm curious about your response to these stats:

of survey respondents said they often have a negative emotional attachment to their workload and believe that impacts their mental health and job satisfaction.*

FYI: this result increased from 71% in 2021 to 82% in 2022
of survey respondents said they know what to do to manage stress but are either too busy to do it or the techniques are not making a meaningful impact on their stress levels.*
1 to 2 x salary

is the cost when a leader quits. Add the pressure on the remaining team plus costs to recruit and onboard and the implications are significant. If my message can save 1 - is it worth it?
*based on participant onboarding surveys for my Flagship Training Program

The Risk

Without Proactive Change, You'll Get More of the Same

Imagine the incredible achievements your organization would experience if everyone had a reliable approach to tackling issues related to the human side of work. By adopting a unified language for problem-solving, fostering a revitalized approach to stress, and intentionally deciding how to allocate limited personal capacity each day, your entire team could soar to even higher levels of success.

You only have so much mental, emotional, and physical CAPACITY to DO, THINK, FEEL, and BE each day.

How these limited resources are allocated often falls to long-standing patterns that can leave leaders feeling drained and resentful of their success.

While we're often told that exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet are the solutions to burnout, they're only part of the equation. By redefining your relationship with stress, you can sustain success and still have the energy to enjoy guilt-free time away from work.

Let's Discuss

Hi. I'm Allison Graham 
Keynote Speaker, Author, Advisor

Consider me tough love wrapped in an empathectic, judgment-free hug

I’ve been a professional speaker / consultant since 2006. I pride myself on providing a stress-free speaker and coaching experience for my clients. 

I consider myself a pragmatic optimist and provide a judgement-free zone for personal development. My clients often describe me as ‘tough love wrapped in an empathetic hug.’

My superpower is seeing patterns in human behaviour and making frameworks so personal development is easier for busy professionals. 

I’m driven by my passion to relieve the behind-the-scenes inner angst that leaders often feel once they’ve achieved their desired success.

My fifth book will be released in 2023:
The Stress Illusion: Defy the Lies that Keep You Stressed and Create Capacity for What Matters Most

My Story

My Method

Client Results


3 Levels of Engagement


  • keynote
  • workshop
  • executive fire-side chat
  • power-sessions / VIP coaching


  • 12-week Flagship Training program
  • 90-day 1:1 coaching packages
  • online learning
  • annual programs for optimal results, training and reinforcement
"Allison was a breath of fresh air and a kick start after a long and strange, forced social hibernation. She helped our professional women’s group create an event that perfectly balanced education and inspiration! Allison is an engaging, authentic and insightful speaker. Everyone in the room was energized and motivated to implement her strategies and keep the momentum going long after the event. We all can’t wait to work with Allison again!'

Sabrina Lombardi, Partner
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP

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