Is Your Past Screwing Up Your Future? Doing the 75 Hard Challenge when You’ve Failed Before!

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(May 28th, 2024 Lift Up Email)

Do you remember when I did live-streamed motivational videos daily?

The series started as the Lockdown Lift Up and it just kept going.

That’s why, if you scroll my YouTube channel (@AllisonGraham) or visit my Blog, you’ll see hundreds of videos covering a whole host of self-development topics that were aired from 2020 – 2022.

Earlier this morning, I came across this gem of a video I filmed on my 74th day of doing the 75 Hard Challenge

How To Do 75 Hard. Here are my lessons learned and my experience on day 74 of my first round of the 75Hard Challenge.

My opening line gave me a chuckle:

“I’m not sure what’s harder: managing the patience level required for the Internet in Chatham, Kent, Ontario, or doing 75 Hard.”

(So grateful to have fibre now. I had forgotten that struggle!)

In this video, I really resonated with something I said at 5:45. Perhaps it will resonate for you, too.

“Who you were yesterday is not who you need to be today.”

My excitement in this video is obvious as I had one day left on my first completion of the challenge. (If you’re not familiar with 75 Hard challenge rules, I explain them in the video and on this blog: 75 Hard Explained.)

After this filming, I finished a second, even harder challenge called Phase 1 and then I completed 75 Hard again.

It was an intense year!

Insights on how to achieve 75 Hard (or really any new goal!)

As I share in the video, before I fully committed to completing the challenge, I was against it. I wasn’t asking if challenging myself for 75 hard was too hard – I assumed and believed without a shadow of a doubt that it was WAY too hard for me to complete. Like, the name says it all!

Among my limiting beliefs about whether I should or could do 75 Hard were:

“It’s ridiculous to push yourself that much.”

“I could never do that with my nerve pain.”

No one who has success in their career has time to exercise twice a day.

None of those thoughts were based on reality – they were based on fear and frustration.

I just wasn’t ready to accept the challenge – YET.

Then, it clicked.

I decided on a whim to do the challenge; I went ALL IN!

In next week’s newsletter, I MAY share the hilarious video my friends took the night before I started the challenge. None of us believed I could do it.

My confidence was influenced by my past failures when I didn’t achieve consistent exercise and healthy nutrition.

Then I realized:

No one achieves anything – UNTIL they achieve it. Achieving 75 Hard was no different. There would be a first time!

False starts and failures are necessary parts of achieving success.

In the video I explain:

“So often people think they are defined by something from their past. In fact, our past is an indicator, or a lesson learned.

Yes, it could be something we’re going to repeat, but it doesn’t mean we absolutely have to. I’m reminded that we can be who we want to be today–no matter if we failed in the past.”

Now, years later, I’m someone who believes I CAN do 75 Hard – if I wanted to and I don’t!

In the video, I share several strategies I used to successfully complete the challenge.

I share this story with you to prompt you to ask yourself the same questions I asked myself earlier today:

1.     What old issue(s) did you finally overcome, and now you’ve forgotten that it was a daily struggle?

I call this Reverse Resilience.

It is the process of successfully dealing with a repeating moment of angst, so you no longer need to deal with it.

Many of my clients forget how far they’ve come. What used to be a daily frustration is no longer a blip in their day.

What wins are you forgetting?

(Read more about Reverse Resilience and my Triple Resilience Model here.)

2.     What experience, possibly a failure or missed opportunity, from your past is limiting your present and future?

Is it time to change that story and go ALL IN on your next level of achievement?

Allison “Redefine Your Future” Graham

P.S. I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to respond to this email with your insights. What limiting belief do you want to blast through?

P.S.S. I uploaded the video to VIMEO for those using work computers that block YouTube. 🙂

7 Lessons from doing 75 Hard the first time. (posted on Vimeo for those with blocked computers)

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