When You Can’t ‘Just Let It Go’

“Just let it go.”Have you heard this advice as much as I have?If only ‘letting issues go’ was that easy.

It’s such popular advice that it was a topic of conversation in my interview with Jimmy Mac and Lindsay Lawler on Self-Help Sundays. The show aired on Road Dog Trucking, SiriusXM 146 The Weekends.

The problem with this well-intentioned advice is that it’s easy to say, hard to do.

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As soon as you feel the need to tell someone to ‘let it go,’ then they are already dealing with a situation that is bothering them enough that they cannot ‘just let it go.’

Do you see the irony?

I know it seems like such an inconsequential topic, but it’s not.

Here are three reasons why deleting the phrase ‘just let it go’ matters:

It’s a phrase that is laced in judgment and guilt.

Judgment because of the insinuation that the issue should not be bothersome.Guilt because it is.If you’ve ever seen my Ice Cube that Became the Snowman concept in my problem-solving for the human experience training program, then you know that behaviours such as these make life harder than it needs to be. These patterns can weigh heavily on a person’s mental and emotional health.

It is dismissive to the human experience. Everyone’s perspective is different – and valid.

Just because one person thinks what you’re focused on is a small issue that does not deserve emotional or mental resources – for some reason, it’s irksome to you. That matters. What’s your frustration trying to tell you?

It’s the small stuff that, when left unchecked, leads bigger problems.

For example, a small dismissive comment from a co-worker at the beginning of the month that’s ignored, can easily snowball into full-blown resentment by the end of the month. Apply that to any relationship. 

So what do we do with this?

First, stop saying ‘just let it go.’

Next, get to the bottom of why the small situation bothers you so that you can identify the self-awareness gold that is hidden in those details.   

More than anything, join me in releasing all judgment and guilt you may have for not being a robot and therefore not being equipped to ‘just let it go’ when you’re bothered by something!

Allison “Letting Go of Just Let It Go” Graham

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