Stop Competing and Start Celebrating: How to Overcome Envy and Achieve Your Goals

overcome envy and jealousy

“High tide raises all ships.” Do you believe that or do you feel envious when others succeed?

I didn’t always believe that. Instead, I felt envious and discouraged when others succeeded.

NOW – I’m different. This belief that we all rise together is embedded into the core of my being.

When I see a friend, colleague or competitor WIN – I feel energized and inspired. I’m the first in line to celebrate their achievements and give credit where credit is due.

Resenting the success of others causes unnecessary angst in our lives. Destructive stress can be lowered when you stop comparing yourself to others.

It’s a distraction from focusing on doing what you need to do to achieve your personal mission and strive for your highest potential. It feeds the belief that if they achieve something that you can’t. (In fact, the opposite is true. If they CAN, so can you!)

I love Mel Robbins perspective.

Ages ago she shared a video explaining that feeling envious/jealous of others is simply holding up a mirror to your own circumstances and perceived failings. It’s a sensation that shows you the possibilities that you know in your soul you need to do!

If you ever feel that way – I encourage you to get compassionately curious with yourself and dive deep into those sensations of jealousy and envy. What are those emotions telling you?

I agree with Mel – use that sensation of envy / jealousy (which are natural instincts and serve a purpose) to see what you’ve failed to do and to explore your beliefs. Are they misguided?

Instead of secretly feeling competitive and pretending you’re happy for the other person – BE HAPPY for the other person’s success.

If they can achieve something – so can you! Now go achieve it. 🙂

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