The Mental Health Crisis for Lawyers

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Allison Graham

Do you know a lawyer? If so, you may want to check on them and their mental health.

As I prepped for a speech for a law firm yesterday, I visited the Canadian Bar Association’s website. There, I found the statistics on the state of mental health.

Lawyers have the highest rate of burnout among Canadians.

Among the worst statistic is that one in four lawyers have contemplated suicidal thoughts.

“According to the data, nearly one in four legal professionals, compared to à 2.4% of the general working population, have had suicidal thoughts since starting their professional practice. Also troubling, two out of three legal professionals who had experienced suicidal thoughts since the beginning of their practice did not seek help after recognizing that they needed it.

As today is #bellletstalk – I’m curious, what are law firms – and other professional firms doing – to address this mental health crisis?

While one day is awesome to shine a light on the topic – what about the other 354 days of the year? It’s only getting worse.

If you’re struggling – please reach out. (my DM’s are open) The human experience can be exceptionally painful…and it can be beautiful too. There is always hope.