Is Stress Just Part of the Job? Debunking the Myth of Success-Induced Stress

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Allison Graham

Do you believe that you’ve signed up for a ‘stressful’ life when you decided to run a business or climb the corporate ladder?

So many leaders say – stress just comes with the territory – but is that the way it has to be? Good stress – sure – that’s powerful…but destructive stress that makes people feel overwhelmed and anxious and like they can’t breathe or as if they don’t have time to enjoy life – that’s not meant to be part of the plan.

The assumption that as success grows so must unwanted stress is an illusion. With the right system, you can have all the success in the world without the day-to-day angst – and no, you don’t have to meditate for hours to get your stress under control.

This is a clip from a behind-the-scenes meeting with a couple of my team members. Thought I’d share this story as I know lots of people can relate.

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