Burned Out? Reignite Your Spark for Work on CTV Morning Live Calgary

Allison Graham interviewed by Jacqueline Wilson on CTV Your Morning Live Calgary about how to reignite your spark when you feel burned out!

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Allison Graham & Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson 00:00

It is 838 Thank you so much for joining us here on CTV morning live. Good morning and happy Tuesday. Well, are you suffering from burnout, maybe feeling the constant pressure and checking out at work? Well, our next guest doesn’t want you to quit. Executive consultant and author Allison Graham joins us this morning with some advice on how to rekindle your spark at work. Good morning, Allison. Thanks for joining us.

Allison Graham  00:24

Great to be here.

Jacqueline Wilson 00:25

So first of all, moving jobs not always easy or have the answer you say, but you don’t want people to waffle explain that a little bit? Well,

Allison Graham  00:33

I think it’s really important for your own mental health and just the enjoyment of the job and also doing a good job, but to not sort of be like, Ah, I don’t want to be here like make the decision, are you going to go find another role? Or are you going to stay put, and then go all in on that decision. So meaning on off hours, that’s when you’re doing you’re looking for the new role. And when you’re there do the best job you can so that you’re leaving on really great terms, when in fact you do leave. But leaving is not always the answer. So remember that because I was working with someone and she ended up she was just miserable and had a boss that she didn’t click with. And so she finally went and got a new job. And then 30 days later did that same boss ended up getting recruited by the competition where she went and became her boss again. So it’s really about figuring out how do you take care of yourself in the midst of whatever challenges is that you face each and every day,

Jacqueline Wilson 01:33

okay, and I know, if you’re waffling, you’re probably thinking at your desk thinking, I can maybe do another job, that would be better. Maybe the grass is greener over there. But you don’t want us to romanticize other jobs.

Allison Graham  01:42

It just looks like other people have it so much together, right? There are cultures, they have benefits, they they’re doing it all right over there. And I’ll tell you, I’ve worked with enough companies to know, with respect, there are challenges in every environment that you go. And so sometimes what you’re experiencing is like, how can you get really, really good and professional at dealing and insulating and protecting yourself from those challenges that are inevitable everywhere. And don’t think that if you leave, it’s all of a sudden going to be rosy all the time, they’ll be an initial honeymoon phase, it’ll be like, Oh, this is great. I’m so glad I’m not there anymore. But inevitably, you’re going to end up with the same. Same work. I was actually talking with a client yesterday who runs a law firm. And they’re seeing this in the industry, with lawyers where they are, people are coming in, they’re getting burned out, they go to another firm thinking it’s going to be different, and then they burn out again. So let’s change the pattern. So you stop burning out, there will always be too much to do too little time and too few resources. That’s life. Okay.

Jacqueline Wilson 02:51

And then you want us to turn off autopilot and saying that that’s what’s making us go numb? And can you tell us a little bit about that?

Allison Graham  02:59

Well I think we’ve all been there, right? Where it just feels like Groundhog Day, every day. It’s the same patterns keep repeating, we go to work the same way we do our tasks the same way. Look for that repeating moment of angst, bad thing that you do each and every week, that just sort of makes you feel irritated or frustrated or the dynamic in the relationship with your colleague is not really ideal. And get really strategic about how can I fix that and just do it differently, try some new techniques, a new response so that you can feel more reinvigorated because like our minds, we need growth, we need newness, we new need excitement. And when you’re doing a job for a really long time, or feeling that sense of burnout, it’s so hard to find the joy in the work you’re doing. And unfortunately, what ends up happening is the company’s culture, if you’re drained, then it will influence others, and the culture will get even worse. So let’s find a way to get excited about what you’re actually doing in that moment.

Jacqueline Wilson 04:07

I love that get excited. Okay, great advice. Allison, thank you so much for joining us this morning. For more information you could head to Allison’s website or you can follow her on social media.

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