Breaking the Cycle of Burnout: How Personal Capacity Design Can Save Your Team

Forget quiet quitting and the great resignation – those were so 2022. Here’s my prediction for 2023’s biggest trend in leadership and the future of work…

⭐️Personal capacity design.⭐️

Personal capacity references the emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual resources available to you each day. For the most part this is left to chance as leaders get pulled in a million directions putting out the latest fire. They end their workday with nothing left for themselves or for their families. In 2023 – this will no longer be tolerated.

Collectively people are exhausted – like penetrating-to-the-bone level exhausted. It’s not that they don’t care about their work – they do; it’s that they don’t have enough left in their tank to muster the inspiration and motivation that used to drive them. They demand more from their leadership teams to fix the overwhelming pressures of the workplace.

People are done with meme-worthy platitudes and old-school self-help advice, and are looking for a fresh perspective that can alleviate the pressure on their daily grind.

Capacity design is all about balancing bottom-line results while honouring wellness in a meaningful way. It is possible. My methodology provides this and has been proven time and time again to get results.

How will your leadership team address this trend in 2023? There’s still time to book me to speak at your next professional development day.

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