Discovering the Epic Humans That Make Up My New Speaking Network: A Reflection on Joining the Speakers Group Impact 11

Allison Graham

For my colleagues who work on their own: let's admit it, being a speaker / consultant can be a lonely endeavour, eh?!

If you're fortunate, you create a few connections with your peers to carry each other through the tough times and join the celebration in the best times. I'll admit, I've been incredibly blessed to be surrounded by epic humans who have been a part of my journey so far - you know who you are.

Recently, I'm oozing with gratitude as I've expanded my network of epic humans even more.

Last month, after a couple years of contemplation (the timing just wasn't right) I joined the ImpactEleven bootcamp and community. It's only been 7 weeks, but I can clearly state that this has been the single most worthwhile investment i've made in my speaking business since I launched in 2006. Seriously, the best - and that's saying a lot because I've been a part of a lot of many powerful programs and organizations.

I went to the Austin bootcamp with two goals:

✅ leave with absolute clarity on my marketing message and positioning.

✅ know exactly what steps to take to supercharge my speaking business to reach more audiences

As you can see from my profile and my updated website, I've leaned into the Capacity Equation and Personal Capacity Design. This was always a significant component of my methodology, but it was hidden behind the scenes.

It was during this hot seat on stage with Sara E Smith when I realized that personal capacity design is my overarching theme and everything feeds into that.

Plus, I know exactly what steps to take - and my calendar is starting to reflect that reality!

✅ What I didn't expect was the connections and camaraderie that would come from being a part of this community.

Honestly, I was pretty intimidated.

Impact 11 was founded by a handful of the top speakers in the marketplace - they are teaching real world, out-in-the-trenches, what's-working-in-2023 techniques (at almost triple my current fee!) and the rest of us are swapping stories, best practices and supporting each other to elevate our impact.

This group isn't a free for all - it's carefully curated with some very cool speakers, authors, and thought-leaders, I'm proud to be a part of it!

Thanks Ivy Gustafson Connor Trombley Josh Linkner Seth Mattison Jenny Michaels DeRosse and Ryan Estis (who took this pic) Eric Termuende Dan Chuparkoff

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