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Want to Feel Less Destructive Stress? Watch This!

Society is rewarding behaviours that cause destructive stress - but you don't have to play along! In today's LIVE Stream, I'll share ideas to lower bad stress, which will ultimately make you happier and allow you to be more productive - without the drama that often leads to burnout. I'd love to hear your recommendations, […]

Assumptions: How They Are Killing Your Opportunities

Preconceived notions about people and circumstances may be sabotaging your potential. Today I'm going to share several stories about how making assumptions have caused destructive stress for clients, friends and, unfortunately, me (well, until I realized what was happening and stopped the destructive stress cycle! Please join live - I'd love to hear your insights […]

Building Your Side Hustle and Finding What Inspires You!

Ever want to step into business, but don't want to leave your cushy job to do it? Why not do both? Please Note: the special time of this live stream is April 6th at 7:00PM This is a Special Live Stream where I'll interview Jenny Stevens, founder of She's EmpowHERed virtual Summit. I'm speaking at […]

Resenting Tasks On Your To-Do List? Set Boundaries Instead!

If your to-do list is weighed down by all the things you said you would do, but you don't actually want to do them - how can you enjoy your work? It's one thing to SET boundaries - it's equally as important to UPHOLD boundaries. That's the conversation we'll have on today's LIVE STREAM at […]

Feel Like There Are Too Many Challenges? Do This!

In today's LIVE, we'll explore maintaining your daily resilience and optimism when it feels like life's punches won't stop. If your plate is full with one challenge after another - then this is the session for you! #mentalhealth #leadership #humanresources

Lost Hope In Your Goals? Get Back On Track

It's easy to feel discouraged when goals aren't coming to fruition. In this episode, I'll share my sure-fire ways to get motivated and keep going even when it feels like the odds are stacked against you. Join me on Tuesday, March 15th at 3:15PM ET for my weekly Live Stream.  

5 Ways on How to Find Content Ideas To Create Posts To Grow Your Brand

I think people need to be posting more on social media as a general rule. However, there are times when you just don’t know what to share. In this video, I share five ways on how to find content ideas that will help you grow your personal brand. Prefer to read? Scroll down for the […]

3 Steps on How to Have More Time for Yourself

Do you always find yourself asking for more hours in a day? We get 24 hours in a day but do you sometimes feel that 24 hours are not enough to do all the things you have to do? Rushing and chasing time affect your stress level – but don't worry, cause it doesn't have […]

How to Achieve Time Freedom

Don’t you just love seeing your to-do list all checked off, and having time to do the things you actually want to do? This is the bliss of time freedom. Time freedom is when you have the choice of how you’re going to spend your time. You have time allotted for being in work mode. […]

A Complete Guide to Stress Management

Do you ever feel like stress is killing you? Surely, we’ve all been in that state. But here’s the secret–you don’t need to be stressed! A lot of the stress that makes us unhappy is within our control. All we have to do is to break the habit of spinning in that stress vortex. Read […]
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