A Simple Change to Like Sales More

Do you want to like yourself more? They say self-love is important, but perhaps you’re more familiar with focusing on your most negative attributes.

Notice the words you use to describe yourself and the circumstances around you. These will have a dramatic impact your ability to love yourself. Choosing better words also makes many aspects of life easier. It can even make sales easier!

Choosing better words can also help you in sales – and it will save Bambi!

We all have word patterns. The first step in the Resiliency Ninja formula is self awareness. Dr. T. helped me uncover my negative word patterns and slowly and surely, with him holding me accountable to choose better words, I created the habit of using kinder words. That made it easier to like myself, flaws and all.

It’s actually easier to see patterns of negativity in others. It can be much harder to see our own. So ask a friend who you trust and who has your best interest at heart to call you out on your negative words. Then encourage each other to choose better words, so you can see the good in yourself and start to like yourself more. It’s simple, and it works!! It can take months of dedicated better word effort to eliminate negative words from your daily vocabulary. Don’t give up!! It’s worth it. The result is you’ll like yourself more.

Listen to this episode of the Resiliency Ninja podcast to learn more about this can help you to like yourself more, have more ease in life and if you have sales to do, how this simple shift can make you love sales more than before.

After listening to the podcast, let me know in the comments about your word patterns. Are you kind to yourself? Do you have a word that’s negative you use to describe yourself? Do you, like me, have a pet-peeve phrases?! Share below!

For more ideas on how you can learn to like yourself more, check out my book!

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