How to Deal with Chronic Pain

Allison Graham

(and be joyful and make money anyway!)

Whether your chronic pain diagnosis is nerve pain caused from a surgery like what happened to me, or you have fibromyalgia, or chronic low back pain, you CAN live a full, joyful life and make money.

The idea of making friends with your pain is not for those who choose to let their pain be their identity. I refused to allow it. That's why I am so passionate about what it takes to master everyday resilience. Pain patients have a different journey. It's not one and done - I'm all better now. It's a daily challenge to set your intentions and manage your physical pain. It's not easy - but it IS possible.

This episode is different for me. I'm in a high-state of physical pain when I recorded it, so I may not be as eloquent as usual. And if you are sick of letting your pain define your identity, then I hope this helps make you feel like you are not alone and there is hope to live a full, joyful life and be a successful entrepreneur even with chronic pain.

For more ideas on how I learned how to make friends with chronic pain, check out my book!

Allison Graham author book on how to be resilient when you have chronic pain

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