Recap Archangel summit VIP Day 2018

Allison Graham

What you missed at the Archangel Summit VIP Day

“Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to teach someone else what you’ve learned at Archangel Summit 2018.”

I accepted this challenge.

Get info on next year’s summit here: Mark October 19th, 2019 in your calendar.

Today’s episode of Resiliency Ninja Podcast + Vlog summarizes key takeaways from the VIP Archangel Speakers in the VIP day on the Package Your Wisdom Track.=

Total vulnerability moment just after 4 minutes…

Dr. Angela Lauria, Founder the Author Incubator.
“An unclickable book won’t make a difference.”
“Too many people in pain for you to fuck off.”
Massive personal insight: OH SHIT, I’M A CRAFTER!

Michael and Amy Port, Heroic Public Speaking
“Talent is 1/5 of the speaking success equation, CRAFT is the other 4/5.”
Massive personal insight: OH SHIT, I’M NOT A CRAFTER!

Greg Smith, Founder and CEO THINKIFIC
“Completion rate is not the best conversion metric. Measure impact.”
Massive personal insight: Serving via online training is absolutely possible and I just need to tweak my approach a little.
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Chris Winfield, Founder Unfair Advantage Inc.
“The extra mile is never crowded.”

Ryan Lee, REWIND
“Is your idea T-SHIRTABLE?”
The world’s first superbar

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