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Ever want to step into business, but don't want to leave your cushy job to do it? Why not do both? Please Note: the special time of this live stream is April 6th at 7:00PM This is a Special Live Stream where I'll interview Jenny Stevens, founder of She's EmpowHERed virtual Summit.

I'm speaking at the summit on April 20th (Day 8th of the summit). My topic will be setting and upholding boundaries. When Jenny and I chatted, I knew I needed to share her story with others to inspire those of you who can relate. You can register for the summit for free using my special link:

If building an online course is on your radar as part of your side hustle - then check out my online course on how to build an online course in days even if you suck at tech!

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The Workweek Fix: Love Your Work, Loathe the Stress of the Workweek? Check Out This Online Course

Love your work, but loathe the stressful workweek? Check out this online course!

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