#WFH Tips

Having trouble getting focused and productive time while working from home? It can be tough. I’ve had a lot of practice with my first professional #WFH gig in 2003. There is a lot of advice out there.

I managed to rattle off 10 tips in this interview. What would you add to this list? Hope something helps. Here is my take on the new WFH environment.

  1. Create a routine to start your day. How you start your day will have the biggest impact on your day’s productivity.
  2. Set an agenda and some reasonable goals for the day.
  3. Don’t underestimate how much work you can achieve with short bursts of focused energy.
  4. Find your people and have work-a-thon while you’re on the screen with accountability buddies.
  5. Determine your “work-spot” versus your “relax-spot.” Even if it’s just opposite sides of the couch – it makes a difference.
  6. Set timers. Choose focused-sprints of work time.
  7. With little ones – if you have someone to trade off work-versus-kid time is helpful. If you’re on your own, let go of your expectations to be the perfect parent.
  8. Expect nothing is business-as-usual. Allow flexibility and don’t negatively react to disruptions.
  9. Find your most productive time and aim to get your most important work done during that time (for me, it’s the morning.)
  10. Get up from your desk, move and, if you can step outside, take a deep breath of fresh air when you’re feeling tired. (Of course, being mindful of physical distancing an stay-at-home regulations.)

What tips can you add to this list?


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