5 Ways on How to Find Content Ideas To Create Posts To Grow Your Brand

Allison Graham

I think people need to be posting more on social media as a general rule. However, there are times when you just don’t know what to share. In this video, I share five ways on how to find content ideas that will help you grow your personal brand.

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5 Ways to Get Content Ideas

It’s not that hard when you have a strategy for picking your brain to get post content ideas.

1. What resonates with you?

The first way to get content ideas is to think of your own questions. You can find opportunities for content by asking right now what kind of value are you looking for? What questions do you need answers to? What are your curious about right now? It could be something directed to your business. Thinking of what you’re personally experiencing is a great way to get started in content ideation.

2. What are the conversations you're having with your clients or with your colleagues?

Conversations with your clients or colleagues make great content topics – especially if it’s a problem you need to solve. Of course, you never disclose who is having the problem or what the story is. But, if there is something that a client asks you, or is wondering about, or problem that you've been able to solve that's critical, somebody else may have the exact same problem. 

3. What’s trending?

The third way is to get content is to look at What's Trending? Now, I, at one point had a really great idea I thought, but I didn't follow through on it just because I wasn't finding the right trending things. Here's the thing, there's a lot of merit to looking at what's already trending, and then adding your own spin to it.

So one of the ideas I had on my YouTube channel was to do lessons from the headlines, which I used to do on the global news Amazon ad every Tuesday morning, and then we stopped doing that. The idea was to take a big issue in the headlines, and then put the personal development, Resilience Leadership Lessons that I talk about on top of it. I just didn't keep doing that, because I only found a couple stories.

But thinking about leverage, find what’s trending and add your two cents into it. 

4. What are you experiencing when you’re out in the world?

Look around while you’re out and about – observe what you see and what you’re experiencing. It’s one of the easiest ways to get content. Plus, it’s nice to share positive things on your feed to uplift your audience.

5. Crowdsource content ideas

Lastly, you can crowdsource content ideas from your social media! You can ask your current audience what topics they want to hear more from you. You can simply post a question on your feed or a poll works too. If you have no audience yet, you can crowdsource from colleagues, friends or even family.

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