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Woo-Woo to Reality: How to Manifest Opportunities and Live Your Purpose

The idea of manifesting opportunities can be a bit woo-woo for some. I believe that if you live your purpose opportunities will present themselves. Today: I have the privilege of sharing a small part of my message on Breakfast Television! Tune in to hear some very simple ways we can reset our relationship with stress […]

Stop Working All The Time! Financial Post Interview with Allison Graham

LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE BY Rosemary Counter,  Special to Financial Post Rosemary Counter and I could have talked for hours about how to deal with the burnout crisis that is plaguing society. It's not as easy as just take time off and being told not to stress so much - the solution must go much deeper […]

Coping Fatigue CHCH Interview: Allison Graham and Bob Cowan

Here's my conversation with Bob Cowan about the topic of Coping Fatigue: the way I describe exhaustion from continually having to be resilient. LINK To Original ARTICLE is here: Tired of COVID-19? Here are 5 ways to overcome fatigue By Laura Brody -January 27, 2022, 6:15 The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on a lot of […]

Interview with Sheryl Lynn of Joyely: The Chair of Joy

I sat down with Sheryl Lynn, CEO & Founder of Joyely to talk about joy as a state of being and how to access it anytime you want using the Chair of Joy. If you want some more joy in your life, you wouldn’t want to miss this conversation. So we all get to experience […]

Interview with Keith Tomasek: Resilience In the Arts & Filling Events

Keith Tomasek is a digital marketer with a specialty in email and social media in the arts community and in the nonprofit sector niche. Watch the interview below to learn how he stayed resilient during the pandemic when the arts sector closed and how he adapted to the changes. One of the most important takeaways […]

Sara Westbrook Interview: A Deep Dive Into Emotional Intelligence & Why It Matters

In this interview with Sara Westbrook, a fellow keynote speaker who is passionate about inspiring professionals to be more in touch with their emotions, we take a deep dive into emotional intelligence from childhood to adulthood – and learn the benefits of being aware and in-touch with our emotions so we can live happier and more […]

Jill Ellis-Worthington Interview: Improve Your Business Communication

I got a chance to sit with long-time friend, Jill Ellis-Worthington, Communication Coach and Founder of Write On Communication Services to talk about improving your business communication. Watch the video to hear some points on how you can improve. In the entrepreneurial world, you wear a lot of hats. One of those hats is usually […]

How to Deal With Stress with Rory Mitchell in the Mitchell Report Podcast

Rory Mitchell from the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast is a certified life coach specialising in self-improvement and development. His podcast touches on diverse topics relating to entrepreneurship, fitness, culture, and building peer-to-peer relationships. I am ever so grateful to be invited to be in his podcast, where I get to talk about how to deal […]

#WFH Tips

Having trouble getting focused and productive time while working from home? It can be tough. I've had a lot of practice with my first professional #WFH gig in 2003. There is a lot of advice out there. I managed to rattle off 10 tips in this interview. What would you add to this list? Hope […]

How to Be A More Approachable Boss

During the COVID19 pandemic, most of the employees are anxious about the shift in ther work dynamics and it's not easy to be resilient. Do you want an easy resolution that will make you a more approachable leader, lower your stress levels and turn you into a more interesting conversationalist?
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