Andrea Loewen Nair: Student facilitated learning

Resiliency Ninja Podcast

Allison Graham

On this episode of the Resiliency Ninja podcast, our guest Andrea Loewen Nair does not believe that the traditional school system is meeting the needs of children. She is here today to share her experiences and tell us more about her approach. Andrea believes in student facilitated learning and that’s exactly what she offers at the London Infinity school.

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A little about Andrea Loewen Nair

Andrea Loewen Nair, M.A., CCC, an educator and psychotherapist by trade, began her twenty-five year career thus far working with families as a respected child and youth expert. Her fun demeanour and passion for education, kids, and teens has made her a go-to for appearances in major media including YMC, Maclean’s Magazine, the Globe and Mail, and The New York Times Motherlode Blog, and also The Social and The Goods TV shows. Andrea is now the Head of School at Infinity School (an Acton Academy), a learner-driven, process-based program located in Wortley Village. She is working to advance education innovation in our city, eager to better understand what “education for the 21st Century” truly means.

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