Bobbie Carlton: Balancing the Gender Gap

Innovation Women lists profiles for women who speak at conferences. This makes it easier than ever to add female speakers to your agenda.

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On the heels of International Women’s Day, Bobbie Carlton and I talk about the gender gap in the professional speaking industry. Even in 2019, corporate event planners are defaulting to mainly male agendas and aren’t sure where to find qualified, dynamic female speakers for their events. Well, there are thousands of us and Innovation Women is one place to find a listing of professional female speakers. Public speaking is a key factor in advancing your business and your career, but fewer women get asked to speak and more women turn down invitations. Women are often in the dark about how the professional speaking game works.

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Why are men still dominating the professional speaking industry?

What can we do to balance the gender gap?

Bobbie Carlton Bio

Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women, has been called Boston’s Innovation Den Mother and the Startup Fairy Godmother. She’s an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional. She speaks regularly on marketing, public speaking and women’s issues. Her humorous approach and fiery “let’s make something happen” brand is supported by the real world results she helps drive: 1200+ new products launched, $3B in funding, and 1000+ women speaking at conferences and events.

Currently a “parallel” entrepreneur (instead of a serial entrepreneur), Bobbie has spent the last 10 years building her own businesses as well as supporting client and community efforts. Previously, in addition to working with a number of Boston-area PR and marketing firms, she headed global PR at Cognos and PTC, both publicly-held enterprise software companies. In 2006 she switched gears, joining a startup focused on supporting self-esteem and positive role models for preteen girls through a social network and book series.

In 2010 she was called one of the “ten Bostonians who have done the most for the startup community”. She’s also received numerous professional awards: Marketing Sherpa Viral Campaign of the Year, several PRSA Silver Anvils, Mass High Tech All-star, Boston Business Journal Woman to Watch, PR News Gamechanger and Boston’s “50 on Fire.”

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