Sarah McVanel

Sarah McVanel is the guest on today’s Resiliency Ninja podcast with Allison Graham.

She is an expert on recognition and appreciation in the workplace and we explore how getting good at recognition can assist resilience in the workplace. We also talk about making the move from corporate to business owner and ways to connect with your kids when you’re traveling for business.

Sarah McVanel helps leaders leverage the exponential power of recognition to retain top talent. She jokes it’s the only “lane” that pulls together her BA (Psych), MSc (Family Relations), & certifications in Organizational Development, Coaching, Human Resources & Healthcare Admin! She left her senior leadership role 4 years ago to launch her boutique firm Greatness Magnified, authoring some books, VLOGing, tap dancing, & getting up to no good with her hubby Mark & kids Justin (15) & Simonne (13).

Sarah has kindly offered these amazing resources for you and other Resiliency Ninjas. Connect with Sarah at:

  1. 5 Juicy Solution Focused Questions (image below)
  2. The Genius Greatness Biz Blueprint:
  3. Great Happy People Facebook Group:
  4. Greatness Biz Facebook Group:
  5. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness Flash Briefing Channel:


These are Sarah McVanel’s 5 juicy questions for leaders to magnify their greatness!

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