Interview with Sheryl Lynn of Joyely: The Chair of Joy

Allison Graham

I sat down with Sheryl Lynn, CEO & Founder of Joyely to talk about joy as a state of being and how to access it anytime you want using the Chair of Joy. If you want some more joy in your life, you wouldn’t want to miss this conversation.

So we all get to experience all kinds of emotions during the day – fear shame, guilt, courage, stress, worry, concern, and happy. What's cool is the human condition is we get to have all those emotions every day, every single day. Joy is really way up on the high end of that scale. One of the highest or the highest vibrational emotions on the planet is joy.

What is Joy?

JOY is a state of being. It’s a conscious mental emotional state, such as the emotional states of anger or sadness. All people understand and yearn for joyfful emotions. It's subjectively experienced as a strong feeling encompassing an elated attitude and mood.

Joy is a state of being – it’s more than I feel joy, I choose joy, I want joy. It's a lifestyle. It's a way to wake up every day and infuse it into your life based on creating joy, and now allowing it to happen to you.

The “Chair of Joy”

The “Chair of Joy” is a technique on how you can access joy anytime you want. It’s literally a chair in your home or office that you can anchor yourself with.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sit on your Chair of Joy and put your feet on the floor.
  2. Take a couple of deep breathes and enjoy what you see and what you hear.
  3. Think of an ocean wave and tap into one of your most joyful moments.
  4. Be present and make your moment tangible – imagine putting that moment into a container (anything physical that you can carry around).

What we did is we made your joy that was intangible, tangible. You put it inside a container that you can carry with you.

The point of the Chair of Joy is you can just get over there and have access to the joy. Joy becomes accessible because it’s tangible. It’s possible – takes practice but possible. You just have to be aware, take a minute and find peace amidst the stress, chaos, worry, guilt and shame. These negative feelings can now be interrupted by simply sitting in the Chair of Joy.

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