Suffocating on the 
Stress of Your Success?
create space with
The Capacity Equation

Suffocating on the 
Stress of Your Success?

create space with
The Capacity Equation
Suffocating on the Stress of Your Success?
create space with
The Capacity Equation
Suffocating on the 
Stress of Your Success?
create space with
The Capacity Equation

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A stress-Reduction solution for Accomplished Professionals

Optimize Performance 
Without Burning Out You or Your Team

My Problem-Solving Framework, Stress Redesign Model and Personal Capacity Equation are easy-to-apply tools that are proven to free mental, emotional and physical space to focus on what matters most - at home and at work. My work inspires and empowers professionals to minimize inner angst so that they can spend more time in their sweet spot of performance, productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment.

"Allison Graham's model is simple, yet profound."
Dr. Chandlee Dickey, Chair/Chief
Department of Psychiatry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

My clients

Some of the Organizations I'm Proud to Have Served

"Allison’s keynotes offered inspiration and results that lasted long after her speech was done. For example, one of the many stories of impact included, after hearing Allison speak, a leader on my team self-identified as being caught in the victim trap, recognized her tendency to complain too much, took responsibility for her negative contribution to team dynamics and committed to practicing Allison’s formula."
Sébastien Fauvel, MBA, Hiring, Onboarding & Engagement
BMO Financial Group

Let's face It

Stress Is Typically By Default - Not By Design

You only have so much mental, emotional, and physical CAPACITY to DO, THINK, FEEL, and BE each day.

How your capacity is allocated often defaults to decades-old patterns of behaviour that cause leaders to feel exhausted and start to resent their success. We're taught that healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, meditation, and nutrition are the keys to fix the burnout crisis; but they are just a portion of the answer. It's possible to rewire your relationship with stress to maintain success and have capacity left at the end of the workday to embrace guilt-free time away from the grind.

of survey respondents said they often have a negative emotional attachment to their workload and believe that impacts their mental health and job satisfaction.*
of survey respondents said they know what to do to manage stress but are either too busy to do it or the techniques are not making a meaningful impact on their stress levels.*
1 to 2 x salary

is the cost when a leader quits. Add the pressure on the remaining team plus costs to recruit and onboard and the implications are significant. If my message can save 1 - is it worth it?
*based on participant onboarding surveys for Flagship Training Program
Let's Discuss

Hi. I'm Allison Graham

I’ve been a professional speaker / consultant since 2006. I pride myself on providing a stress-free speaker experience for my clients. 

I consider myself a pragmatic optimist. My clients often describe me as ‘tough love wrapped in an empathetic hug.’

My superpower is seeing patterns in human behaviour and making frameworks so personal development is easier for busy professionals. 

I’m driven by my passion to relieve the behind-the-scenes inner angst that leaders often feel once they’ve achieved their desired success.

My fifth book will be released in 2023:
The Stress Illusion: Defy the Lies that Keep You Stressed and Create Capacity for What Matters Most

My Story

My Method

Client Results


3 Levels of Engagement

I'm looking for my organization
I'm looking for myself
12-Week Training
4 x live sessions
online learning
email support
Expected Outcomes
This will feel like drinking from a fire hose. We'll go deep quickly to cover a lot of concepts in a short timeline. 

Some of your team will dive deep and adopt the materials in a very meaningful way. 

Others will pick and choose concepts that resonate the most for them. 

The Lift Up
Single Speaking Engagement
fire-side chat
Expected Outcomes
Even the most discerning audiences will feel inspired, be challenged to think differently about stress, resilience and problem-solving for the human experience, and leave with actionable tactics to apply right away. 

Like any one-off program, long-term uptick is not predictable. Anecdotally, my message has stuck long after the session is complete, with people emailing me about how they have used the materials 2 years after hearing my frameworks!

6 Month Mimimum
Training / Group Coaching
live sessions
custom online portal
group coaching
Expected Outcomes
If you're committed to leading a meaningful shift in stress culture, then this is the chioce for your organization. 

We'll start with the leadership team and then roll out to the broader employee group.

Smaller co-horts, deeper exploration of concepts, and a more manageable pace of learning will ensure behavioural changes and desired outcomes are achieved.
90-day Coaching / Strategy
1-1 coaching
online learning
strategy sessions
The Workweek Fix - FAST
Sick of feeling overwhelmed about your workload? 

Do your days vanish without getting to your priorities? 

Are you DONE with repeating self- sabotaging behaviours, but what you've tried before hasn't worked?

Then this is the path to take! 

We'll get your workflows and your emotional connection to your workload sorted with new systems and ways of thinking, so that you can consistently operate in your sweetspot of performance, productivity and profitability!
The Lift Up
Single Coaching Engagement
Troubleshoot a Problem
Need to get through the noise in your head and find real solutions - FAST? 

You can use these sessions for issues related to productivity, workload overwhelm and anxiety, confidence or self-doubt, and/or any barrier to performance that is taking you away from your Sweet-Spot of Performance, Productivity and Profitability. 

Schedule a power session (2 hours) or VIP day. 

These are very powerful. We dive deep quickly and you'll leave with an action plan to implement a solution.

12-Month Coaching / Consulting
1-1 coaching
priority access for troubleshooting
accountability for priorities
unlimited access
Optimize Your Life
Ever find the perfect system, then slip into your old habits?

Do you want to deal with problems NOW, not when your coach has time? 

Do you get caught up in your own noise, fixate on issues and then have can't see the best solution?  

Is it lonely at the top? Do you wish you had a confidential sounding board, so you can vent without a filter, but not have those moments held against you?

If you answered YES to the above, then let's talk. Schedule a call.


3 Levels of Engagement


  • keynote
  • workshop
  • executive fire-side chat
  • power-sessions / VIP coaching


  • 12-week Flagship Training program
  • 90-day 1:1 coaching packages
  • online learning
  • annual programs for optimal results, training and reinforcement
“Allison Graham goes to the heart of leading and
engaging team members to unlock their
potential in challenging times.”
Don Ludlow, Regional Vice-President
RBC Commercial Markets

“Topical, relevant and impactful.”
Chirag Shah, Managing Partner, PwC Southwestern Ontario

"Allison was a breath of fresh air and a kick start after a long and strange, forced social hibernation. She helped our professional women’s group create an event that perfectly balanced education and inspiration! Allison is an engaging, authentic and insightful speaker. Everyone in the room was energized and motivated to implement her strategies and keep the momentum going long after the event. We all can’t wait to work with Allison again!'

Sabrina Lombardi, Partner
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP

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