Leaders: Is Your Team Burned Out? Here's How to Fix It!

Allison Graham

As a leader, are you concerned for your team's well-being? Are you at a point where you can't afford one more person quitting or going on stress leave? Are you at a loss as to what to do to support your team's mental health and even your own? Then this video is for you.

Some of the advice on how to lead your team when they're stressed is good - not all of it is practical and effective though. Watch this video for some

What is coping fatigue? Coping fatigue describes exhaustion from having to deal with too many issues on your plate.

👉 When you learn how to Stop Coping Fatigue you'll be better equipped to inspire your team.

There are so many challenges we face and sometimes it can just be too much. Without the right tools, burnout is inevitable.

The burnout crisis is costing companies significantly.

In this episode, I share tips to support and inspire your team to show up as their best selves each day.

Here are some quick highlights on how to stop burnout:

Don’t beat yourself up - you're not alone. Feeling burned-out is not a sign of failure.

Do not think that an extra day off is going to solve the burnout problem – a day off will most likely be a collapse not a recharge.

Do not assume that everyone has the same stress-coping capacity-print. A task or obstacle that wouldn't faze you, could be overwhelming to someone on your team.

Do not call everything stress. One of the most important parts of my training programs is giving teams a common language to address issues that arise throughout the day.

Do not allow ineffective meetings (one without purpose, structure and relevant outcomes) to crowd dedicated work hours.

Do not blame burnout on factors out of your control. The "if x, then y" equation, as in, "if we hire more people, I won't be stressed." can be detrimental to your resilience and empowerment of fixing the burnout issue. We have to fix burnout within today's circumstances.

Identify the problem clearly and solve for the right problems. Check out my tasks-obstacles-adversities framework in my book Take Back Weekends: Stress Less, Do More, Be Happier

Watch the full video for insights about these solutions and how you can adapt each ideas to your own work environment to stop the burnout crisis for you and for your team!

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