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A quick story: At the last minute a client swapped the speech title on the agenda and forgot to tell me about the change. I didn't notice until 5 minutes before going live in front of the audience. 

As a professional, I swapped my slides and adapted on-the-fly, that was easy. No one in the audience would have known, but still, I'd like to avoid that happening again! If you're not sure which speech we are contracted for, or decide to change it, please communicate that with me.

2023 Keynotes

What to Expect

customized program to serve audience needs
level of interaction varies based on your preference
 q&a welcomed throughout
60 to 75 minutes provides the best depth of experience
virtual or on-site delivery
adds ons available i.e. panel facilitation / stakeholder roundtable / post-event virtual q&a
The Surprising Truth About How to Easily Create More Capacity For What Matters Most
Feel like there’s always too much to do, with too little time and too few resources? Wishing you had more time left for what matters most in your life? Traditional answers to manage stress or delegate and delete tasks from your days will not create mental and emotional freedom.

Allison Graham will walk you through her signature framework to fundamentally shift how you relate to challenges and your workload. She’ll show you how to harness good stress and lower destructive stress while simultaneously increasing outputs per-hour. The hope is that you’ll leave this session feeling empowered to create more capacity each day so that you have more bandwidth left for whatever matters most to you!

You'll discover:
The three ways you can fix an overloaded capacity equation
The difference between tasks, obstacles, and adversities and how to navigate each issue.
How to leverage good stress for optimal performance and diminish destructive stress.
How to identify barriers to performance that may unknowingly steal your daily capacity and productivity.
The Stress Illusion: Defy the Lies that Intensify Stress and Create Capacity for What Matters Most
It doesn’t matter if you call it quiet quitting, a burnout crisis, or just the way success and stress go hand-in-hand, stress levels throughout society seem to be intensifying. There are too many issues that legitimately deserve your attention to have them overshadowed by default stress patterns that weigh down an organization’s culture. It’s time to go deeper than traditional Band-Aid behaviours that manage stress, and instead redesign our stress response in a meaningful way. The result is to maximize productivity, optimize performance, and unlock untapped potential at home and work - even if circumstances don't change.

You'll discover how to:
redesign your relationship with stress to feel less frustrated with your stress
why traditional stress management techniques have not fully lowered your stress
harness the power of good stress to maximize productivity
identify patterns that may be making life harder than it needs to be
Burned Out? Don't Quit. Redesign Your Capacity Equation Instead
As a professional, you face intense pressure every day. When you have too much on your plate, it may feel like escaping the daily grind is the only option. There is a better way to deal with the tough stuff and unending workload that can cause unnecessary destructive stress, steal your daily capacity, and make you feel unhappier than you want to be. In this session, Allison will share fresh strategies to shift your perception of all that’s happening around you, so that you can maximize productivity and bottom-line results, stop society’s destructive stress cycle and protect yours and your team members’ mental and emotional well-being.

You’ll discover how to
Mitigate risk of burnout, even if current circumstances don’t change
Recognize certain patterns that can intensify an already heavy workload
React to external challenges in a less stressful way
Find hope and optimism when you feel overwhelmed by the constant grind of successful leadership
Overcoming Leadership Fatigue: What To Do When You’re Exhausted From Having To Be Resilient
World events have had an unprecedented emotional toll on even the most accomplished individuals. This in turn has impacted team dynamics and left many leaders feeling responsible for propping up the mood of everyone else – while neglecting their own needs. People are tired of having to be resilient. I call the exhaustion from having to be resilient ‘Coping Fatigue.’

While nothing can be done to fix the overall situation and intensity of challenges one faces, a fresh perspective and better problem-solving strategies can make the experience better.

This session will inspire you to feel more hopeful, help you have a greater understanding of the emotional roller coaster that you and the people around you may be experiencing, and will offer some meaningful insights that you can use immediately to feel more empowered.

You'll discover how to:
recognize how overwhelming stress is created and know how to stop it for you and your team
how to create more mental and emotional freedom from the constant grind of leadership
quickly identify different types of challenges and know how to deal with each
Feel a sense of control during a time in history that is completely out of your control.


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