Sick from Worrying? Here's an Effective Strategy on How To Stop!

Allison Graham

Worrying too much can suck the joy and enthusiasm out of your day. It's natural - and yet, too much worrying is really unhealthy for you. It's like rehearsing for trauma and who needs that? Not you I imagine. I used to be a really intense worrying, now I'm not. I'm going to share the secrets to how I stopped in today's video.

Worry is one of the feelings we get that completely sucks the life out of us. Yet most of the time, worry is just all in our heads. You’ve probably heard people telling you, “Don’t worry, it will all get better soon” or “You have nothing to worry about…” Well, these phrases are easy to say but hard to actually do – and that’s ok!


When you start to worry, you have to notice the sensation and bring yourself to the level of self-awareness. What is the real issue? What are the facts? How do you know you are worrying so you can interrupt it?

Worry is a down payment on a problem that you may not even have. You have to catch your worry so quickly so you don’t get caught up in the spiral. Know your patterns and triggers and have a game plan on what to do when it happens.

In one simple sentence, you have to find triggers, break the pattern and have a game plan to stop worrying. Stop losing a lot of time in your life to worry and just step into the present moment.

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