How to Stop Overwhelm Paralysis With This Advice That Actually Works

Live Stream Lift-Up

Allison Graham

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Overwhelm is 100% within your control. You have the ability within yourself to change that feeling in that exact moment and be empowered to go.

Overwhelm is a reaction to “stress” and it’s normal. And most of the time, when we feel overwhelmed, it lead to paralysis – you can’t focus on anything and get things done.

When overwhelm paralysis happens, the best thing to do is to recognize what you’re feeling, the situation and activate the solution. If you’ve been following me, your probably already know my problem-solving framework. If this is the first time you came across my video, here’s a brief explanation of the process:

1) Situational awareness – What is causing you stress at the moment? Find your triggers.
2) Self-awareness – Name your emotions. What are you feeling at the moment? Are you misplacing your emotions? Change the narrative.
3) Solution activation – Break down what’s causing you stress into a task list.

What’s with in our control, we need to take action in order to feel like we’re accomplishing something to move the needle as opposed to getting stuck.