Goal Setting: Why You Need to Scrap Your New Year’s Resolution and Do This Instead

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Allison Graham

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Goal setting for 2022? Here’s the perfect video for you! It’s perfectly fine if you found this later than the first week of January – because what I share in this video about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting is applicable all-year round.

In this video, I share why New Year’s resolutions do NOT work. Yes, statistically, you’ve likely abandoned them already – and that’s ok!

Common reasons why New Year’s resolutions do not work:

1. You are setting the wrong intention
2. Resolutions don’t address the underlying cause of the issue you want to change
3. You end up getting busy and forget about them

But wait – don’t feel disheartened yet. Also in this video I share the best ways I’ve learned over the years on how to reach your annual goals such as:

#1 Choosing when you’re going to start – the BEST day is the NEXT day.
#2 Getting curious compassionately about your patterns and triggers – and how to get around them to build your goals.
#3 Being aware of your expectations of yourself – and why it matters.

Watch the full video to hear insights and learn more about goal setting. Don’t lose hope – I’m rooting for you!