Don’t Be A Jerk While Networking

If you network for business you’re bound to meet a jerk (or a few).

What do you do when you have good, authentic intentions for networking and the person you’re meeting with has a more aggressive approach? This episode of FU-CHAAA Fridays comes from a friend’s story. After a few sentences, the woman she was networking with said, “Tell me how you’re going to put money in my pocket or you’re wasting my time?”

In this episode:

  • Why cliched advice, “Don’t take it personally” doesn’t help.
  • The four things to do when you’re networking with someone who is a jerk.
  • Important things to do, so that you don’t turn into a jerk while networking for business.
  • Three ideas of what to do so you don’t get caught in the busy-busy cycle of connecting and not making money.

Key takeaways:

  • Set boundaries when networking, including learning to say no, limit length of connection meetings, and network during times of the day when you’re not committed to high-earning activities.
  • Networking for business means you need to pay attention to the value in a connection: you can think it and plan for it, but don’t say it to the person you’re meeting.
  • Don’t place judgments, based on past bad experiences of being taken advantage of, on new connections.
  • Stop adding fuel to the fire by continually retelling your negative stories while you’re out networking for business.

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