How to Be More Comfortable Selling

It’s Tactical Tip Tuesday so that means I’m sharing one simple tip to help you grow your business! Even though this is more on the Elevate Biz side of my professional world, I’m posting it on Resiliency Ninja too!

If you don’t love sales, start by changing the language you use! Stop using “target market”- this is not a hunt…the shootee does not win in the hunt – it’s dead. Your prime prospects and clients should be better off for having been sold something by you…a small shift, big impact in the energy around sales.

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Welcome! I'm Allison Graham

Let’s face it – life is tough enough without having behaviour patterns that make life harder than it needs to be! 

That’s why I’m obsessed with finding ways to make the human experience easier by offering strategies for problem solving, dealing with chronic pain, leveraging empowering stress, and stopping patterns that create destructive stress. 

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