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Find a Sense of Control on Lockdown

The mental health impact of temporarily having our freedom restricted to come and go as we please, doesn't mean we lost our freedom to do, be and believe.

Yes, that's grief, but different.

We are collectively grieving life as we knew it. The grief process is expressed differently for everyone, but there is no escaping the five stages of grief which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But this grief – grieving the way we expected society to function - it’s different. Unlike when we grieve during […]

How to Feel Better in Isolation

During the #COVID19 pandemic, self-isolation may be the right decision for you and your family, but it’s easier said than done. Isolation, whether self-chosen or imposed by government, carries risks to your mental health and we need to talk about how to mitigate the risk. If your lifestyle is busy and you are always on […]

Tips to De-Stress the Holidays and Avoid Burnout

It's here! The last holiday season of the decade! For many it's a joyoux time of year - whereas for others, it's the time of year most associated with extra stress. There are more events to attend, more tasks to check off the list and more relationship dynamics to navigate. Somewhere in the middle of […]

Bring the Zen of Summer into the Fast-Paced Fall

I hope you had the best summer and were able to soak in every ounce of sunshine and relaxation you could enjoy. For me, I didn’t go to my office once in August and spent my days at the lake enjoying the rewards of a year-long renovation. As I plug back into technology and a […]

How to Be A More Approachable Boss

During the COVID19 pandemic, most of the employees are anxious about the shift in ther work dynamics and it's not easy to be resilient. Do you want an easy resolution that will make you a more approachable leader, lower your stress levels and turn you into a more interesting conversationalist?
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