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How To Master Small Talk Even When You Hate It

Master small talk, so that you don’t lose opportunities in business and career. I’ll share how you can still make small talk even if you hate it.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone could be holding you back from reaching your true potential. Fear is natural, and okay, letting fear hold you back, is not!

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Who do you compare yourself too? The big influencers like Oprah, Gary V or Marie Forleo? How about your friend or colleague? It’s not healthy and will choke your progress.

Don't Be A Jerk While Networking

If you network for business you’re bound to meet a jerk (or a few). What do you do when you have good, authentic intentions for networking and the person you’re meeting with has a more aggressive approach? This episode of FU-CHAAA Fridays comes from a friend’s story. After a few sentences, the woman she was […]

Please Stop Saying Busy

How many times have people told you you’re busy? It’s like teeing up boring small talk, isn’t it? Would you like people to stop telling you how busy they are too? Leave a comment below and I’ll respond. If you’re always complaining about being busy, beware, it can hurt your personal brand and therefore, it’s […]

Stop Being Stressed Out!

Do you want to stop being stressed out? It’s within your power! Welcome to this week's insights episode for FU-CHAAA Fridays.

Fear of Public Speaking

In this episode, Allison shares how scared of public speaking she was when she started her career and the three P’s to overcome your fear of public speaking.

FU-CHAAA | Welcome to My Podcast on Resilience

Welcome to my podcast on resilience where you'll learn to embrace your inner Resiliency Ninja and FU-CHAAA stress, obstacles, and adversity out of your way!

The 4 Letter Word that Damages Your Brand

Continually reinforcing how busy you are is not only annoying, it diminishes your personal brand. So many people's version of good small talk is sharing tales of their extreme busyness, as if, somehow being busy is a good thing or unique. I interpret it as meaning you can't control your life and don't make good […]
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