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Impatience: The Thief of Success You Need to Be Aware of Right Now

Ever noticed how impatience affects your life? Most people are not self-aware that they’re impatient. No, I’m not talking about the small things like waiting for your coffee order or your turn in the bathroom. I’m talking about the bigger things in life such as fulfilling our purpose or our journey to goal achievement. In […]

Stop A Bad Day: How to Deal with Daily Negative Obstacles

Isn't it uncanny that whenever one wrong thing happens, everything else suddenly goes wrong? Starting your day with one negative obstacle can impact your whole day. But do bad things always happen in succession or does it have to do with our attitude over that one negative obstacle that ruins our day? Can we actually […]

How to Get More Done In Less Time

“I work every weekend and it’s still not enough.” Does this sound like you? Or maybe someone you know? Many professionals and business owners spend so much time working. While some like the “busy-ness” and the hustle, most feel unsatisfied with their work output or where their business stands. The outcome is not enough, even […]
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