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Want to Feel Less Destructive Stress? Watch This!

Society is rewarding behaviours that cause destructive stress - but you don't have to play along! In today's LIVE Stream, I'll share ideas to lower bad stress, which will ultimately make you happier and allow you to be more productive - without the drama that often leads to burnout. I'd love to hear your recommendations, […]

Assumptions: How They Are Killing Your Opportunities

Preconceived notions about people and circumstances may be sabotaging your potential. Today I'm going to share several stories about how making assumptions have caused destructive stress for clients, friends and, unfortunately, me (well, until I realized what was happening and stopped the destructive stress cycle! Please join live - I'd love to hear your insights […]

Resenting Tasks On Your To-Do List? Set Boundaries Instead!

If your to-do list is weighed down by all the things you said you would do, but you don't actually want to do them - how can you enjoy your work? It's one thing to SET boundaries - it's equally as important to UPHOLD boundaries. That's the conversation we'll have on today's LIVE STREAM at […]

5 Emotional Trends to Watch For and Address in 2022

There are definitely some trends I'm noticing with clients, friends and colleagues. For today's LIVE, I'm going to unpack them, talk about the risks of each and share some quick wins that can help pull you out of them. This will be relevant to all of us as individuals - and especially for those who […]

Leaders: Is Your Team Burned Out? Here's How to Fix It!

As a leader, are you concerned for your team's well-being? Are you at a point where you can't afford one more person quitting or going on stress leave? Are you at a loss as to what to do to support your team's mental health and even your own? Then this video is for you. Some […]
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