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Unlocking the Mind of a Futurist: How Nikolas Badminton Helps Us Prepare For What's Ahead

This isn't a book I would typically read. In fact, if it wasn't for me knowing Nikolas Badminton I never would have ordered it - but - wow, am I ever glad I have my copy. My mind is expanded. So many times I read books that reiterate what I already know in different ways […]

BOLD by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler Book Review + Insights

BOLD by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler is an excellent book, but I didn’t love it.  When Diamandis and Kotler talk about being bold and their subtitle, “How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World” – it’s not really where my lens is. I want to impact the world, yes. But my definition […]

Why Businesses Fail and What To Do About It | The E Myth Revisited Book Review + Insights

The book E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber is a book about the entrepreneurial myth. It’s absolutely transformative (for me) in my thinking when it comes to running a business. Entrepreneurial Seizure: What is it? Entrepreneurial seizure is the reason most small business owners go into business. It’s when people who are working for […]

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Book Review & Insights

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a book that I kept on putting off reading until it showed up next on Tom Bileue’s Book Reading List which I am currently following. So, I finally picked up the book – and I’m glad I did cause the book is powerful. In a nutshell, Think […]

#75HARD Book Review + Insights – Mental Toughness or Mental Discipline?

As many of you probably know, I am doing the 75 Hard Challenge – and it’s a challenge all right. In the video below, I do a book a review of the 75 Hard Challenge Book. So, if you want to listen, hit the play button. If you prefer to read, scroll down to see my […]

Brene Brown's Daring Greatly Book Review, Takeaways, & Insights

I have been following Tom Bilyeu’s Maximize Your Mindset Reading List, and I’m onto my next book, “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. This article is my Daring Greatly book review where I share my biggest takeaways from the book. Daring Greatly Book Review Quick Overview Brene Brown is one of the most influential people that […]

[Chapter 26 – Cutting the Cords of Self Sabotage] Story-time Sunday

This week on #StoryTimeSunday I read from Chapter 26 of my book “Married My Mom, Birthed A Dog; How To Be Resilient When Life Sucks” Self-Awareness Exercise: Notice when you are sabotaging yourself and interrupt the pattern.

[Chapter 20 – The Melting Pot Of Emotions] Story-time Sunday

When an area of your business is struggling or needs attention, its important to take the time to focus on fixing that problem so it does not negatively affect your entire business. #StoryTimeSunday  [Chapter 20 – “The Melting Pot of Emotions”] Click here if you are interested in 33 Quick Wins to Control Your Time! […]

Chapter 37- "Really? Well, Pace This!" - Storytime Sunday

Do you feel guilty about taking downtime when you are facing adversity? In this #StorytimeSunday I read about the difference between pacing yourself, which can hinder you from reaching your full potential, and controlling your schedule so that you can take downtime when necessary Click here if you are interested in 33 Quick Wins to […]

Chapter 31- Musical Chairs. Who's Out? - Storytime Sunday

With so much abundance in this world, you don't have to fight your way to the top. You can claim your seat at whatever table you want or create your own table! I am inspired by a society where Women and Men support each other more genuinely. I hope you enjoyed this week’s #StorytimeSunday Get […]
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